Turnaround, Inc.’s Workforce Empowerment Program brings comprehensive trade skills training and long-term employment opportunities

to Washington DC residents, who are overcoming significant hiring barriers. Including, exiting homelessness and prior incarceration.

TAI’s business model is to operate as a contract vendor, providing painting and property maintenance services

to residential and commercial properties throughout the area. Once hired, our trainees learn a wide variety of trade skills necessary for performing property maintenance work, including painting, plastering, drywall installation, and basic plumbing and electrical skills.

Our First 2 Years at a Glance

  •  15 trainees hired full-time

  • 60% trainee retention rate of 6 months or more

  • Nearly half of all trainees celebrated a year on the job

  • Trainees have performed more than 600 property maintenance and painting assignments

  • Multiple trainees have successfully transitioned into mainstream employment, using the skills they gained working with Turnaround.