About Us

TAI-WEP is focused on bringing comprehensive skills training and long-term employment opportunities

to residents of Washington, DC’s Ward 7. We work directly with individuals who are overcoming significant barriers to securing employment, including recovering from homelessness, and re-entering the workforce after military service.

TAI-WEP launched full operations in March 2017.

We currently employ a team of 6 and are working to expand our workforce. Our applicants are referred exclusively through case-management agencies, and have demonstrated substantial need in the form of receiving public assistance, and/or participation in a housing voucher program.

TAI-WEP Trainees learn a wide variety of trade skills necessary for performing property maintenance work

including painting, plastering, drywall installation, and basic plumbing and electrical skills. Trainees generally have no prior experience in the field of property maintenance, and receive 100% of their training on the job, while receiving full-time, market rate wages. Our trainees put their experience to work making apartments ready for new tenants, at both affordable housing and market -rate properties, throughout the District, Maryland and Virginia.

First Year Progress and Results

  • 5 new, full-time positions created

  • 85% Trainee retention rate

  • 42% of all Trainees are formerly homeless

  • 20% of Trainees were able to eliminate dependency on SNAP (food stamps) within 6 months of employment

  • Over $179,900 in revenue generated from contract services during the first 11 months of operations

  • Trainees have performed nearly 300 property maintenance and turnover assignments

  • 42% of Trainees were recruited directly from DC’s Office of Employment Services - TANF Employment Network

  • 20% of Trainees are US combat veterans

  • 100% live in designated affordable housing

  • 20% are women

  • Trainees spent an average of 2 years unemployed before being hired by Turnaround